“There are two ways you can live: you can devote your life to staying in your comfort zone, or you can work on your freedom.”

— Michael Singer


Dare. Hope. Come as you Are. We’ll Journey Together.



All change begins with self-observation. I’ll help you discover mindfulness methods.


Some relationships can and should be saved. Others may need to end. Together, we’ll discern what’s best for you and move forward.


Grief can be devastating, but you can move through the roughest parts more easily with the help of a professional.


Anxiety & Depression

All of us deserve to move through life with greater ease and certainty, and it’s okay to get help in order to do so.

What Makes Pamela Different?

You’re not alone. If you genuinely want to get better, I’m here for you. Therapy can be refreshing, different, productive and insightful.

Together, we’ll incorporate a variety of thoughtful and action-oriented techniques, unique to your needs: communication and relationship skill-building, mindfulness and self-observation, positive journaling, meditation, reading, decoding, physical practices, yoga, dreamwork, creativity and more.


  • What do I believe?
  • What do I feel?
  • What are my thoughts?
  • What are my behaviors?

Our beliefs impact our feelings; our feelings lead to our thoughts; our thinking leads to our behaviors. Unless we actively observe and know what we feel and believe, we can’t change why we think or act the way we do.