Living from your personal Truth

We have often learned to wear masks, presenting ourselves as we think we should, or as we perceive how others want to view us. Living from your authentic Self allows you find safety in removing the chameleon, finding courage to be who you are wherever you go. Remove the veils that keep you from being fully alive.

Together we can rediscover your personal truth and use this as the basis for moving and blossoming into your truest Self.  This will have an impact on every area of your life: personal, career, relationships.

If you are dealing with grief, I can help.

I understand firsthand how devastating it is to rebuild your life after a loss. I’ll listen to you tell me about who they were, perhaps perusing photos of who you both were together, or help you resolve guilt or mixed feelings about them or their passing. Together, we can reconcile your grief with your life and new person you’ve become as a result of this loss.

Living Your Truth – Together or Alone

Some relationships can and should be saved. Others may need to end. Together, we’ll discern what’s best for you and move forward. If it’s right for you to stay together, we’ll help you rediscover your Self in the relationship and integrate what works for you as an individual and as a partner. Or if it’s time to end things, partner with a therapist who can support your change, process things, and help you move on.

Methods for Preventing & Coping with Anxiety

Do you suffer from panic attacks? Have sleep issues? Have you experienced long-term, low-grade depression? Are you unmotivated? Easily ignited by situations or people?

Nothing can hurt your Center.

If you have become immobilized by anxiety or depression, we can rediscover how to operate from your core within. I will teach you tools and practices for encountering tough situations and managing them differently, producing relief. Find your strength and gain insight to change your responses.

Adult ADD can be a Asset

Partner with a therapist who can help you learn to manage distractions and redirect unfocused energy. Controlling and matching your environment with your gifts is crucial. Limiting activities & people which promote the difficulties you experience when trying to listen or pay attention to details helps too.

Adolescence: A transformative time for girls

Adolescence is a time when self-esteem is being challenged, body-image may be poor, and girls wonder, “Who am I?” They rely on peers to define them, when their self-awareness & positive choices must come from within. Sometimes girls need caring support maneuvering through high school. Together, we can navigate the waters of adolescence en route to a healthy, blossoming woman.

A Day in the Life of Managing Depression

My unique approach helps you get out of bed in the morning, establish & use personalized practices daily, think differently and more positively throughout the day and remember that your circumstances and other people do not define who you are.

I’ll partner with you in rediscovering Joy.