By Pia Mellody

~ Herein lies an exploration in helping you uncover why you became codependent.  You can heal from family abuse, neglect, toxic communication, inconsistencies, betrayal or abandonment.  This is one of my favorite issues to address – I love to help clients free themselves! Codependency is actually a life or death issue.  I have seen clients who gave up their own success, finances, safety and life resources trying to help others, to their own demise.  Spending your energy attempting to manage the lives of others is exhausting, and impossible.  Instead, you can live a soulfully satisfying life via going within, to your own Self, to find solidity, self-worth, and inner calm.  No more drama.  Find equanimity, and live a life within a smaller circle; only controlling what you can control, letting go of what belongs to others or to God and the Universe to control.  We find freedom from pain and suffering not through control, but it’s opposite: non-attachment.  This is the foundation of recovery from codependency.